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Smile présent à l'OpenStack summit du 28 octobre 2016


Helping OpenStack adoption with an OCCI API Playground

API adoption is all the more a challenge in the case of OpenStack's particularly rich and complex APIs - a challenge that the OpenStack API Working Group has taken on in strides. In this talk, we will look at a way of helping API adoption, but we will go beyond API documentation and technical playgrounds such as Swagger, in fact we want to make the case for an interactive online tooling that takes advantage of REST discoverability. In a word, we introduce a REPL shell for REST APIs.

We will showcase a generic playground developed for the OGF's Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), a generic API supported by OpenStack.

We will demonstrate how a beginner OpenStack OCCI API user can execute live examples in a matter of seconds, browse through REST resources (such as VMs), and easily generate and derive all kind of queries or changes.

Finally, we will also show how OCCIware and its playground is a solution to manage other layers and domains in the overall cloud stack.

Speaker : Marc Dutoo